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Top 10 Bank Holding Companies in Annuity Fee Income


The Insurance and Financial Advisor’s Bob Graham has reported on the recent results of the Michael White-Symetra Bank Holding Company Fee Income Report. The findings apply to the first three quarters of 2008, and the top 10 bank holding companies (in terms of annuity and mutual fund income) for that time period are as follows:

  1. Wachovia (since bought by Wells Fargo)
  2. JPMorgan
  3. Chase
  4. Bank of America
  5. Citigroup
  6. Wells Fargo
  7. Bank of New York Mellon
  8. Taunus
  9. National City
  10. SunTrust Banks

Income from annuity fees rose 32.7% in the January-September 2008 period, compared to the previous year. Find out more about variable annuity fees.

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