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Fixed Annuity Sales Results


According to a press release by Beacon Research, fixed annuity sales estimates in the U.S. for the first quarter of this year were $34.9 billion.  The Fixed Annuity Premium Study comprised of data from 53 insurance companies, which account for about 86% of this market.  This sales number was not only the highest since 2003 when the study was first completed, but was also 78% higher than the same quarter last year.

The four types of annuities assessed ranked in sales high to low starting with book value annuities, indexed, market-value adjusted, and immediate.  All 4 showed increases from last year’s 1st quarter, while only book value annuities increased from the prior quarter.

The top ten sales leaders were MetLife, New York Life, Aviva USA, RiverSource Life, AEGON/Transamerica Companies, AIG, Allianz Life, Jackson National Life, Principal Financial Group, and USAA Life.  You can check out more of the study information in Beacon Research’s press release.  Contact one of our experts with any questions about fixed annuties from the top ten companies and more.

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