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Annuities are a Great Way to Expand Savings


Americans are saving more than ever and annuity products give the flexibility and guaranteed retirement income they seek for those savings.  For the first time since the beginning of 1995, Americans’ personal rate of savings have skyrocketed to 5.7%.  This report comes from Jeannine Aversa with the Associated Press.  Americans are spending a little less and saving a lot more as their income finally began to grow in May after a stagnant April.  Although economists had forecasted a .2% decline, incomes rose by .5% in May, the largest growth since May of last year.

The income from this growth is the supply for both future spending and saving.  With this glimmer of hope, many Americans remain cautious when deciding what to do with their money.  They want guarantees over high risk after what they have recently witnessed.  Annuities, or insured retirement solutions, are the way to go for many.  Ask an expert how they can help secure your future.

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