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Fixed Annuities Look Great for Retirement


In the McClatchy-Tribune News Service, Dan Serra wrote an article about the benefits of fixed annuities compared to other retirement options that have been severely depleted since last October.  According to the Beacon Research Fixed Annuity Premium Study, fixed annuity sales increased 78% from the first quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009.  And even though variable annuities have seen some decline, their sales have only decreased 5% in the same first quarter comparison while the overall market has tumbled much more.  Annuities hold strong as a great retirement investment.

Fixed annuities seem to be the top option for retirees with average savings because it is one of the best ways to guarantee payments through your entire life.  Once you know your fixed payment, you can make a monthly budget for your expenses with this stable income.  There are many things to consider with an annuity like the up front payment, inflation, growth potential, and inheritances.  By putting the portion of money you will need monthly into your annuity and spreading other savings out, your financial future can be set.

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