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Annuities Discussed on SEC’s Investor Site


In the NWI Times article “SEC’s new Web site is investor-friendly,” correspondent Joe Pellicciotti says that the SEC has developed a new website aimed at helping investors become more informed.  Since the mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, they hope that investor.gov will help new investors make wise decisions regarding their money.  The website is available in both English and Spanish.  It also includes links to the SEC’s complaint center for investors and an area where investors can ask the SEC specific investing questions.

In the “Getting Started” section of the website, the SEC offers information about asset allocation, rebalancing, diversification, setting goals for investments, figuring out risk tolerance, and other beginners information relating to the risks and benefits of investments.  They introduce investors to 529 plans, mutual funds, and online brokers.  There is an area specifically for seniors that explains different options for retirement and gives information about variable annuities, selecting a financial adviser, and basic investing information relating to seniors.  Another section of the website helps investors protect their money by avoiding common mistakes and fraud, researching brokers and advisers, and dealing with problems that arise.  There is a wealth of important investment information for those who are looking.

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