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Find Best Annuities by “Cracking the Code”


AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company has a new financial training program called “Cracking the Code,” according to PR-Canada.  AXA Equitable’s unit for annuity wholesale distribution, AXA Distributors, LLC, created this curriculum for professionals to continue their retirement income planning education.  The materials for self-study and presentations have been approved for continuing credits in 49 states.  Since growing savings before retirement is only half of the big picture, investors are looking to their financial advisers to help them make decisions that will keep them financially secure throughout their lifetime.  “Cracking the Code” aims to help advisers guide their clients from pre-retirement all the way into the asset distribution phase.

The “Cracking the Code” guidebook takes financial professionals through all the necessary steps to help their clients through retirement.  It explains how a client’s personal savings works into their retirement plan and information about IRA use.  There is also information regarding Social Security and Medicare benefits that affect retirees.  There are different strategies for dealing with risk including using the best annuities and other financial retirement products to guarantee future income streams.  Advisers will receive information about running a successful practice, such as help with marketing and time-saving tips.  With the use of AXA’s “Cracking the Code” information, advisers can be better equipped to help clients with every aspect of their retirement plan.

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