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Immediate Annuities for Olympic Gold Medalists


While American Olympic medalists are admired and popular after their wins, in some other countries an Olympic gold medal could bring immediate annuities.  According to “Continued success expected for gold-medal winner Kim Yu-Na” in The Hankyoreh, South Korea’s Kim Yu-Na will increase her wealth with her gold medal win in women’s figure skating.  Her final score of 228.56 was not only the highest ever recorded in the event, it also beat her Japanese rival Asada Mao by over 20 points.  Kim’s win gave South Korea their first ever gold medal in the sport and is expected to make her money from endorsements and the annuities her country will provide.

The gold medalist will receive a payment of approximately $52,000 for winning the competition.  The annuity score she had of 24 will now increase to 114, making her monthly annuity payment go up to $862.  Her previous annuity payment was based on a win at the World Figure Skating Championships and a couple of third place finishes.  Some countries offer these immediate annuities to their top athletes as motivation to keep them working hard for the country and to keep them in the press.  Kim Yu-Na is expected to receive a lot of endorsement deals from her gold medal win as well.  The question remains whether she will train for the Sochi, Russia Olympics in 2014 or turn professional and tour with other “retired” figure skating greats.

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