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Best Annuities Work for CA Woman


The Los Angeles ABC affiliate’s Ric Romero just did a piece about why “Annuities are perfect for some investors.”  The story describes a California woman whose husband died on Christmas Day, leaving her struggling with the thought of paying the bills without him.  After seeking advice from an investment advisor, she found that the best annuities for her would not only protect the principal money left by her husband, but also give her a lifetime stream of income and avoid the stock market risk she didn’t want.  The main advantages for investing in annuities are the lifetime income stream, protection against inflation, and protection of your principal.  Annuities are not perfect for everyone though because your money is locked in and you may not get as high a rate of return as with other investment products.

But the California woman highlighted believes that her annuity is the best product to make her money last the rest of her life.  Her adviser from Kennedy Wealth Management said that an annuity was right because of her age and the fact that this was the money she had and she needed to make it last and protect it.  With immediate annuities, the principal is locked up forever and you receive payments like a traditional pension plan.  Variable annuities are linked to the stock market and can have higher fees than other types.  Fixed or fixed-index annuities have a stated rate that is usually a touch higher than bank rates.  They also can be linked to a stock market index, giving the potential for higher returns.  While annuities are perfect for some investors, they are not right for everyone and a decision should be made to purchase after speaking with an expert about your situation.

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