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Fixed Annuities: National Retirement Planning Week


National Retirement Planning Week will take place from April 12-15, according to Lincoln Financial’s press release “Lincoln Financial Group Joins Effort to Raise Awareness About the Critical Importance of Retirement Planning.”  Lincoln is co-sponsoring this awareness week with the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) to increase the public’s understanding of the importance of planning for retirement.  Whether through fixed annuities, company 401k plans, or another source, Americans need to be diligent about planning for their future income stream.  A recent study showed that more than half of Americans are at risk of losing their standard of living in retirement because they haven’t saved and financed enough.

The National Retirement Planning Coalition, headed by the IRI, sponsors National Retirement Planning Week.  They have committed to making retirement planning education a national priority so that people can “Retire on Your Terms”.  The IRI is a non-profit organization advocating for annuities, retirement planning, and insured retirement strategies.  They work to make sure that the interests of consumers, financial advisers, and the industry as a whole are meshed together.  Their partner in National Retirement Planning Week, Lincoln Financial Group, sells annuities, many kinds of insurance, and other financial planning and retirement plans.  Together they believe in fighting for the education and importance of planning for your retirement.

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