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Alternatives to the Safe Wise Indexed CD


While the Wise Indexed CD and other products guaranteed by FDIC insurance have been popular and are still good investments, there are four investment products that can earn you more interest than CDs at a low risk.  In the Herald Net’s article “Four low-risk ways to earn more interest,” a McClatchy Newspapers article is highlighted.  While these four investments are not without any risk, they have a relatively low risk for their available reward.  Some type of risk has to be taken in order to rise above inflation.

The first recommendation is the purchase of annuities.  They are sold by an insurance company and guarantee payments to the investor.  By purchasing from a high-quality company and fully understanding the terms of your annuity agreement, investors have the ability to earn more interest at a lower risk.  Three other investments that may do this for you as well are stocks paying dividends, bonds or bond funds, and preferred stocks.  The latter are more like bonds than common stocks as their price changes with the levels of interest rates.  Speak to an expert about annuities or another investment if you are looking to get more interest from a low-risk product.

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