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Popular Variable Annuity Rider


The guaranteed living benefit rider for variable annuities has become increasingly popular, according to National Underwriter’s “VAs with GLB Rider Rose 18% in 2Q.”  Variable annuity products with the GLB accounted for $20.3 billion of new deferred sales during the second quarter of this year.  This was an 18% increase over first quarter sales.  It was the third quarter in a row that 87% of investors opted for the guaranteed living benefit rider when purchasing their variable annuity products.  LIMRA of Windsor, Connecticut performed the study of 27 different carriers representing 95% of the industry sales in the second quarter.

Other guaranteed benefits were elected about the same percentage of time as in the past.  The guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit was elected 64% of the time.  Guaranteed minimum income benefits were chosen in 17% of cases.  Both the guaranteed minimum accumulation benefit and guaranteed minimum withdrawal were chosen 3% of the time.  The variable annuity assets with the GLB rider actually went down 3% to $427 billion in the second quarter as did the total variable annuity assets which went down 5% to $1.36 trillion.  GLBs were available in deferred variable annuity contracts that generated $23.2 billion in premiums.  The guaranteed living benefit rider is really seeing a rise in popularity because of its lifetime benefits.

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