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Annuities Build Retirement Portfolio


There are nine new investment products out there to help you both save for retirement and live in retirement and annuities appear more than once on this list.  Ernst & Young compiled the list they say offers you a bulletproof retirement, as written in “Tools to build a bulletproof retirement portfolio” by Robert Powell of MarketWatch.

There are four main products recommended to help you save for retirement.  While target-date funds have drawbacks for some, they can be useful in many circumstances.  Fixed annuities are less complicated than most other annuities and guarantee a minimum return.  Fixed indexed annuity products help conservative investors save for retirement through principal protection and returns based on a stock market index.  A variable annuity with a guarantee is another great way to save for retirement.  Choosing between the guaranteed minimum benefit riders may be difficult, but once you find the product for you it is worthwhile.

While living in your retirement, there are other investments to consider.  Payout funds are very liquid, but your net asset value will fluctuate.  Single premium income annuities are becoming more popular and user friendly for their guaranteed income payments over your lifetime.  Other products to consider include life insurance, long term care insurance, and other combinations.

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