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Annuity Rates & FINRA’s Tax Tips


The FINRA Investor Education Foundation recently published a news release aimed at helping investors better understand their finances during this tax season.  “FINRA Foundation Issues Take Control of Your Financial Future: Tips to Think About at Tax Time and Beyond” recommends learning about your finances, including your annuity rates and spending habits.  They want to help Americans make sure that their finances are on track and empower them to take charge of their own financial future by learning the necessities.

In a recent survey they conducted, FINRA found that only 16% of their respondents were happy with their finances and the future they have mapped out financially.  Tax season is traditionally a time of year when people take stock of what is going on in their lives financially and make some changes.  In order to make the right changes though, you have to be educated on what will work for your financial future so FINRA is trying to help with that.

Take charge of your finances and find a way to spend less and save more.  Whether you save for an immediate annuity to help in your retirement or a rainy day fund, make sure that you can cover your monthly bills and put money away.  That might require cutting out some expenses or finding a way to earn more income.  Work to reduce your debt.  Forty percent of those surveyed are only paying the minimum on their credit cards and 56% carry a balance month to month which they pay interest on.  Plan not only for known future expenses like retirement but also for unknown expenses like job loss or an emergency.  Shop around for the best credit card deals, annuity rates, and other product offers before purchasing.  Make a commitment to know your finances and continue learning about them into the future.

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