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New Annuity App for Blackberry


According to TMC Net, AXA Equitable has introduced a new application for Blackberry smartphones that will make annuity transactions easier.  Jyothi Shanbhag’s article “Business Mobility: AXA Equitable Releases Financial Super Apps for Blackberry Smartphones” says that the apps include annuity products, life insurance, and other products sold by AXA Equitable.  Their new calculator app, called the Retirement Income and Life Insurance Interactive calculator, was made to help investors plan their future more easily.  It helps you determine the amount of money you’ll need to save for retirement and estimates how much life insurance you should carry.

AXA thinks that these Blackberry apps will help investors to be more knowledgeable about their finances, not to mention more hands-on.  The newest apps can be synchronized with your address book, so when you are in the application you can call or e-mail your advisor immediately with questions about fixed annuity rates or anything else.  Through the calendar application, advisors can remind investors of upcoming appointments or even reaching certain financial goals.  Back in 2009, AXA introduced some important financial apps for the iPhone and these latest Blackberry apps are just expanding their offerings.  They have information regarding saving for college, retirement shortfalls, life insurance, life expectancy and annuity products.

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