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According to a recent survey, investors are quite uncertain with the retirement issues surrounding them and could use more help from advisors.  Danielle Andrus of Advisor One says that many people are not happy with the support offered from their employer’s retirement plan in her article “Unsatisfied and Uncertain–Investors Need Advisors’ Help: Retirement Report Roundup.”  Cogent Research’s study of investors found that more than half were unhappy with their current situation and need advisors’ help transferring 401k annuities and other retirement savings plans.  Those who are happy with their current employer plans are three times more likely to roll their money over with the same company holding their 401k or 403b plans.  Investors were most satisfied with Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, and Charles Schwab.

LIMRA research has found that half of pre-retirees have not even considered the possibility of outliving their income.  Fewer than one third of those set to retire in the next three years actually have a written retirement plan in place.  Advisors will be able to help pre-retirees and retirees make decisions to carry their savings throughout their lifetime.  Annuities with guaranteed living benefits have been increasing steadily and were up 8% in 2010.  With $81 billion in sales of annuities with guaranteed living benefits in 2010, the total assets of variable annuities carrying that rider went to $521 billion during the fourth quarter of last year.  New annuities with these riders were introduced in 2010 by Hartford, Principle, and Protective.  Our experts can help you with 401k annuities and guaranteed living benefit riders that will make your money last over your lifetime.

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