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Fixed Annuities Welcome a New Product From MassMutual


MassMutual has introduced a new product in the world of fixed annuities, according to a company press release entitled “New Fixed Annuity Introduced: MassMutual Stable Voyage(SM).”  This single premium deferred fixed annuity offers many benefits to investors, including interest rate guarantees and protection on part of their investment.  They advertise guarantees in an economic climate where they are hard to find.  There is also stability on a portion of the investment, good for those investors who are more tolerant of risk.  One of the benefits of fixed annuities is the option to receive a guaranteed stream of income to last your lifetime.  The fixed rate of growth with MassMutual’s Stable Voyage also gives investors cash to access when necessary.

There are many benefits with the Stable Benefits fixed annuity.  Interest rates are guaranteed for a certain period of five, seven or nine years.  With a banded interest rate structure, certain customers can earn a higher interest rate.  An annuity rates comparison will prove this fixed annuity beneficial to many investors.  Another benefit is a choice of renewal options once the initial guarantee period is over.  Investors will also have a 30-day period in which to make decisions at the end of every guarantee period.  They can decide between a new period of five, seven or nine years, a one-year guarantee, or beginning their annuity payments.  There is more access to your contract value than other fixed annuities and investors have guaranteed lifetime income options.  More information is available for MassMutual’s fixed annuities.

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