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Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity Helps You Retire


The CEO & President of American Equity Investment Life Holding Company says that fixed equity indexed annuity products are an excellent retirement savings tool both used alone and in combination with other products.  In her CNBC guest article “CEO Blog: It’s TIme to Stop One-Sided Retirement Planning,” Wendy Waugaman says that it’s unfortunate many retirement planners only recommend stock market and investment products to their clients.  With $2 trillion lost in retirement savings in less than four years, Americans have to look for a less risky way to finance their retirement.  Fixed equity indexed annuity products protect your principal, can give you guaranteed lifetime income, and offer the possibility of earning higher interest than fixed rate investments.

Americans are looking for more guarantees and protection of their savings, which is driving the increase in fixed equity indexed annuity sales.  These indexed annuities made up half of all fixed annuity sales last year.  The author says that critics of the fixed equity indexed annuity tend to be financial planners who have a vested interest in competing products like stocks and bonds.  The arguments against the indexed annuity do not stand when researched due to a lot of misinformation in the marketplace.  There is no one size fits all investment for retirement, so looking into all alternatives is the only way to give investors the best chance at a secure retirement.  Fixed equity indexed annuity products are the best retirement option for many investors, but of course not everyone.

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