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CommandMark: Phoenix’s New Fixed Annuity


In collaboration with the Legacy Marketing Group, Phoenix Companies is introducing new fixed annuity products.  Annuity News Journal’s Steve Thompson introduces CommandMark in the article, “The Phoenix Companies announce the launch of a new annuity product.”  Phoenix believes this is the perfect time for an annuity product tailored to consumer need because consumers have been flocking to annuities.  Legacy works with annuity companies to develop products that will best suit investors.  CommandMark is meant for retirees or those who are in the active planning stages for their retirement.  The first fixed annuity has just been released, but CommandMark will be a series of annuity products.

Some of the benefits to investors will be multiple indexing strategies, bonus options for vesting, and different income riders.  There will also not be a penalty for taking out ten percent of the value after the first year.  This is significant because the withdrawal penalties are disliked by many investors.  Different ways to diversify are built into CommandMark.  The Gold Strategy annuity differs from fixed equity indexed annuities because the investor chooses a strategy based on the price of gold.  Other products will have choices based on other investments.  The Average Blended Strategy will be the closest to fixed equity indexed annuities.  The crediting rate will be based on three different indexes followed over a three year period.  Speak to an expert if you think any of these fixed annuity products will be right for you.

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