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Better Fixed Annuity Rates With Poor Health


Honesty is the best policy when it comes to filling out the medical forms related to your annuity products.  According to “Annuities: Medical Conditions May Offer Income Boost,” Nikki Hart of the UK’s Pension Calculator says that health problems could get you better annuity rates.  Fixed annuity rates are based on a number of factors, and what you are paid out is based partly on your health.  The better your health, the longer you are expected to live.  Living a longer life equates to more payments and money paid out by an insurance company for your annuity.

Some research shows that half of those with an annuity could be receiving higher payments based on their medical health.  The article stresses the importance of shopping around for the best annuities to find the best fixed annuity rates, but also says that being honest about your medical history could be helpful as well.  People suffering from coronary artery disease could get as much as a 17% increase in their annuity payments, while those with high blood pressure could get a 6.5% increase.  Even smokers and those who are overweight may get a slight increase in their annuity rates.  While I would rather be healthy and live longer, if that is out of your control it could get you more money in retirement.

Written by Rachel Summit

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