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Informative, Simple Annuity Videos


Annuity FYI has a You Tube channel devoted to annuity videos.  You can find information about variable annuities, fixed annuities, immediate annuities, indexed annuities and much more.  Each video is less than two minutes long and is easy to understand, according to press release “Annuity FYI Launches Video Series On The Most Popular Annuities.”  There are infographics to help you better understand annuity basics and which product is right for your retirement.  Spokesperson Dick Ellis was a TV anchorman for decades and has a familiar, informed personality.

Not only has Annuity FYI introduced these videos on their You Tube channel, they have also published some timely articles on the website from well known financial authors.  The press release also mentions expert Kerry Pechter’s guest blog posts, “Annuity Smarts.”  Focus is on high quality content so that readers like you can get the best information on annuities and have all of your questions answered.  There is always news in the annuity world and Annuity FYI strives to bring consumers the latest pertinent information.

Written by Rachel Summit

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