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Indexed Annuity Process Made Easier


According to a press release from Aplifi, they have created a partnership with Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company to help simplify advisors’ annuity process.  Aplifi provides solutions related to documents and client management in the annuity and life insurance sector.  AFFIRM for Annuities is their easy to use system helping advisors comply with all annuity regulations and enter their annuity contract information as simply as possible.

There are thousands of companies who use AFFIRM for Annuities to enter indexed annuity and other product information for their clients.  This partnership will help Great-West’s distributors and advisors sort through all of the regulations required for annuities and allow for a very smooth application and paperwork process.  Their annuity orders will be submitted through the computer in real time and will use eSignatures when possible to get things done more quickly.

Aplifi is happy with the partnership because they believe Great-West works hard to help their distributors and advisors in any way they can.  Offering them the ability to use AFFIRM for Annuities will only help them to sell more annuity products as the process is simplified.  Great-West is focused on offering their clients affordable retirement income solutions and they believe that making the process lower cost and simpler for distributors and advisors will trickle right down to the clients.

Written by Rachel Summit

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