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FINRA Offers Variable Annuity Reviews to Military


The FINRA Investor Education Foundation has redesigned their website helping consumers who are at risk of fraud, according to a FINRA News Release.  Their Save and Invest website is not only geared towards the military and their families, but also other investors likely to experience fraud.  The website helps military families manage their money and offers a multitude of online tools, such as variable annuity reviews.  There is also an entire area dedicated to help all consumers avoid fraud and check the background of financial professionals.  One part of the Fraud Center helps consumers by listing popular scams to avoid when it comes to your finances.

There are lots of simple tools and a wealth of information available with this website, SaveAndInvest.org.  The Military Center section of the website helps military families obtain their FICO score and pairs them with military financial professionals.  This section also helps families prepare a budget and deal with changes related to deployment or permanent relocation.  With the many tools available, consumers can calculate retirement needs, research different investment options like annuities, analyze different funds, and check out brokers you are looking to use.  With the website redesign, the FINRA Foundation is confident they will be able to help many more military families and other consumers.

Written by Rachel Summit

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