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Advisors’ Biggest Successes: Life Insurance & Annuities


For the third year in a row, Senior Market Advisor publication has surveyed advisors to find out the best and worst of their industry.  According to a press release, their survey results have been published in the March issue.  They asked licensed financial and insurance advisors who work exclusively with seniors to report on multiple facets in the industry, including what really worries them and disrupts their sleep.  The survey provided great insight into what marketing campaigns are working or not working, what changes have come about with new technology, how their advisor to client relationships have changed, and what concerns their clients currently have.

The biggest advisor concern, voiced by 30% of respondents, was the economy.  Generating leads was the second biggest concern, voiced by 29% of the respondents compared with 42% in the previous year’s survey, making it the biggest concern last year.  Of the advisors surveyed, 40% work in an office with other agents outside of their home, while 38% work from their home.  Advisors saw their biggest success last year with selling annuities, according to 41% of those surveyed in 2011.  This year, however, annuities came in second place as 32% of advisors saw their biggest success with annuity products.  The top spot this year was taken by life insurance, where 35% of advisors questioned saw their biggest success.  The rest of the survey results can be found in Senior Market Advisor.

Written by Rachel Summit

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