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Government Makes Annuity Purchases Easier


We’ve talked a lot in this blog about the recent federal government interest in annuity products and their use in retirement.  Christi Roberts’ Annuity News Journal article, “Annuity rules proposed by treasury,” details some of the proposed changes and their purpose for Americans.  Companies holding 401k’s or pensions have been concerned about offering annuities because they believe the fees are high and they may choose the “wrong” insurance company.  The government is looking for ways to make it easier for an individual to do their own transfer of 401k money into an annuity.

There has also been a lot of talk recently about longevity annuities.  These annuity products pay out money starting at age 80 or 85.  Another option discussed by the federal government is allocating a percentage of your money, say 80%, to be paid immediately and saving the remaining percentage to be paid out at some point in the future.  All three solutions offer great benefits to retirees and to investors.

The federal government is focusing a lot on annuities because of the guaranteed income you will be paid out over your lifetime.  If your investments run out of money while you are still living, you’ll have your annuity income to rely upon to carry you through the rest of your life.  Your payments are guaranteed as long as you choose a solid insurance company that is still around.  As Americans live healthier and longer lives, the government wants to make it easier to use some of your money to purchase an annuity for its guaranteed lifetime income.

Written by Rachel Summit

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