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National Retirement Planning Week Ends Friday


Tomorrow is the last day for National Retirement Planning Week, an informative week run by the National Retirement Planning Coalition.  The Insured Retirement Institute leads this Coalition and works hard to show Americans that they can plan for a successful retirement despite all the difficulties in our current economy.  According to Exec Digital’s “AXA Equitable Supports National Retirement Planning Week,” AXA Equitable is also working hard this week to spread information and education about the importance of retirement planning.

Everyone realizes that retirement planning is easy to put off because of the immediate demands we have in everyday life.  Since it is far into the future for many of us and is a very daunting task, retirement planning often isn’t done earlier enough.  Although National Retirement Planning Week only lasts April 9-13, this blast of information will hopefully ignite a continued effort to get Americans to understand the importance of retirement planning.  Luckily, technology has made it much easier to plan for retirement through apps on smart phones and online tools and calculators.

AXA Equitable made a list of the best online retirement planning information and tools, which is available on their website.  You can find calculators to determine your Social Security income, any retirement income shortfall you many have, and Blackberry and iPhone retirement income calculators.  There is also an online tool using a virtual retirement advisor.  You can get information on how much income you need to save for retirement, the monthly income you could receive from an annuity product, and much more.  With people living longer, increasing health costs, fewer pensions, and questions surrounding Social Security, the National Retirement Planning Coalition stresses the importance of planning ahead for your retirement.


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