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Jackson Updates Variable Annuity Suite, Teams With Fidelity


In an effort to streamline a slew of add-on options to its variable annuity line, Jackson National Life Insurance Company® has just announced several benefit updates. Among those updated include Perspective II and Perspective Advisory II, according to a recent Yahoo!Finance article. 

In addition to the updates, Jackson also introduced LifeGuard Freedom Accelerator and Accelerator DB, two new benefits added to the Perspective family of VAs. LifeGuard Freedom Accelerator offers higher levels of guaranteed withdrawals for each year contract holders defer taking income. This allows the potential for consumers to grow their income. LifeGuard Freedom Accelerator DB allows investors the option to leave a legacy, protecting the financial future of their families. 

Executive Vice President of Operations for Jackson National Life Distributors LLC (JNLD), Alison Reed, said that these updates are significant despite the fact that the company routinely makes updates to its product lines. 

“Jackson’s continual product evolution underscores our position as the leading provider of variable annuities in the country,” Reed said. “These enhancements help our distribution partners work with their clients to choose quality variable annuities that offer income guarantees and a robust benefit lineup — combined with investment freedom — as they customize clients’ portfolios in preparation for their financial futures.”

Jackson has also launched an option that offers the potential for more frequent increases of the guaranteed benefit value as a result of positive market performance. All of these updates combine to provide consistency in options across its commission and fee-based VAs, Perspective II and Perspective Advisory II. 

“As we streamline our benefits, we’re enhancing the options that enable consumers to grow their assets over time,” Reed said. “These changes are designed to work in tandem with our foundational commitment to provide investment freedom, ensuring clients’ investments aren’t restricted through managed volatility strategies or other forms of limiting market exposure.”

Finally, a new relationship with Fidelity Institutional Asset Management has also been announced. Both advisors and their clients will now have access to sub-accounts managed by Fidelity, one of the largest investment management organizations serving the U.S. institutional marketplace. 

This relationship exemplifies Jackson’s commitment to align with well-respected money managers who offer competitive investment options, said Reed. 

“Jackson is excited to collaborate with such a highly-regarded financial institution like Fidelity,” Reed said. “Fidelity’s seasoned team and valuable market insight underscore their strength in investment management, as they seek to find attractive investment opportunities for clients. This fundamental approach complements our promise to offer investment freedom within our variable annuities, as we seek to provide the most value over the long term.”

Through Perspective II and Perspective Advisory II, Jackson’s roster of money managers, which now includes Fidelity, offer more than 140 investment options. For more information about Jackson’s variable annuity products, call 1-800-711-JNLD or visit www.jackson.com.

Written by Rachel Summit

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