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Variable Annuities

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No-Load, No Surrender & Low Cost Annuities

When investors use the terms no-load annuity, no-surrender annuity, or even low cost annuity they are actually referring to variable annuities that offer these features.   No Commission Fees First, let’s talk about no-load investments in general. A no-load investment is one in which the investor …

Product Review: AXA Retirement Cornerstone Variable Annuity –
A New VA Is Attractive, Especially If You’re Under 65

With the AXA Retirement Cornerstone VA, you can choose from 20 accounts managed by 10 investment management companies, mostly balanced funds, and invest up to 80% in the stock market in all of them. This is particularly attractive to younger annuity owners because time is …

A Respected Scholar Says a Low-Cost Investment-Only VA May Make the Most Sense

One fundamental conclusion: Just as the power of tax-deferred compounding can grow wealth, its corollary is that the drag of compounding fees can reduce wealth. The script is becoming increasingly common. Sales of traditional variable annuities (VAs), unlike many other annuities, continue to decline more …

What Does It Mean to Annuitize a Variable Annuity?

It’s not always clear if you should annuitize. The fundamental concept behind a variable annuity is that the account value can grow and shrink based on the performance of the underlying sub-accounts. However, the basic insurance component of a variable annuity allows the holder of …

The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Retirement Variable Annuities with the Best Living and Death Benefits

Annuity FYI has compiled what we believe to be the most compelling reasons for investors to utilize annuities for their retirement. But remember, we are not just recommending any annuity — only the most competitive in the marketplace are worthy of your investment consideration. Predictable …
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