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New Head of Annuities at Prudential


There have been a couple personnel changes at Prudential Financial that should bring new energy into their Annuities and Group Insurance businesses.  The current President of Prudential Annuities, Stephen Pelletier, will now be the President of the Group Insurance business.  His 20 years with Prudential make him a great choice for managing their commitment to group insurance.  He helped the Prudential Annuities business become a leader in the industry through innovation and has held many other positions in the company over his two decades there.  Some of his previous positions include chairman and CEO of Prudential International Investments as well as top positions with Manufacturers Hanover Trust and Chemical Bank.

Robert O’Donnell will be the new President of Prudential Annuities.  He is currently working as the Senior Vice President of their Annuities business as well as the Head of Investment, Product Management, and Marketing for it.  This will be a smooth transition since O’Donnell has already been working with the Annuities business and been involved in research and development of new annuity products and management of the business.  When Prudential purchased American Skandia in 2003, O’Donnell transtioned from there over to Prudential.  He helped to develop new variable annuities, qualified plan products, life insurance, and mutual funds with both companies.  The promotions of O’Donnell and Pelletier will help Prudential continue their successful business.

Written by Rachel Summit

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