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Articles and Reviews

Articles & Reviews

An Equitable Buffered Annuity Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

With the market lacking stability, an equitable buffered annuity gives annuity buyers more chances to make a return on their investment. Learn more.

Product Review:
Athene Accumulator 10

Athene is offering its single most compelling deal in years on Athene Accumulator 10. Here’s why you don’t want to sleep on this deal.

This is an Exceptional Time for Prospective Annuity Buyers

Learn why this is an excellent time for would-be annuity owners and repeat annuity owners to seriously consider purchasing an annuity.

Product Review:
Midland National IncomeVantage Pro

The Midland National IncomeVantage Pro is the best of both worlds, combining both growth and income in one package. A Hybrid FIA That Combines the Best of Growth and Income FIAs A lot can be said for fixed income annuities (FIAs) long among the most …

Product Review:
Midland National Summit Navigate 7

The Midland National Summit Navigate 7 is, in large part, a combination of a growth FIA and a plain vanilla fixed annuity. One FIA Today Takes a Novel Approach Arguably Better Suited for the Times If you like annuities, the case can be made, at …

Product Review | United Life Legacy Accel Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy

Legacy Accel is fundamentally a generous cash alternative capable of generating up to about 7.5% a year by investing in a low volatility index or the S&P 500, based on its performance over the last five years. United Life’s Legacy Accel May Be a Profitable …

Inflation is Back, Impacting Retiree Investment Strategies

Fixed annuities seldom yield much more than 3% a year, which means your real return – the return after inflation – is essentially zero. Instead, retirees should consider growth-oriented fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) and/or so-called structured annuities. Plain vanilla fixed annuities are out. Instead, retirees …

Fee-for-Rate Growth FIAs Have Begun Strutting Their Stuff

Growth FIAs don’t offer guaranteed income riders, but then most people interested in them already know that. And like their income-oriented income FIA cousins, they still guarantee against index losses. A handful of growth FIA purveyors have sharply increased participation rates for select growth FIAs …

Product Review | Guggenheim Highlander 7 Fixed Indexed Growth Annuity

The Guggenheim Highlander 7 is a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) with a generous participation rate that may fit the bill for savvy investors, who are looking for safe bond alternatives, especially if they bundle its diverse offerings. If You’re Shopping for an Annuity, Guggenheim Highlander …

Product Review:
Athene AccuMax 7 Fixed Indexed Growth Annuity

Athene AccuMax 7 – a super-simple growth FIA with no bells and whistles that offers a 50% participation rate in the S&P 500 over seven years, if you invest at least $100,000. This Growth FIA May Be the Answer for Folks Who Don’t Like Declining …

A Q&A with a Highly Seasoned Annuity Investor

Among Levine’s most recent annuity purchases was the Midland National RetireVantage 10 Growth Fixed Indexed Annuity, an FIA that offers an extremely generous 165% index participation rate on a low-volatility index. You can find specifics about this annuity at the bottom of this page, below …

Select Annuities Are Best for Maximizing Tax-Advantaged Investments

So, what do you do if you’re among the fortunate folks in the working world who contribute the maximum in tax-deferred accounts and have the will and the means to contribute more? Some people are more fortunate and have more options than others. If you’re …
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